Mediterranean Holiday

Have you ever fancied holidaying in Spain? Greece? How about The Canary Islands? Save up 5000 points and you can go! This will include a little spending money (dependant on holiday selected) and plenty of activities! Plan this with your carer.

Holiday in Mainland Europe

Not up for the beach? How about a holiday to somewhere in Europe with a difference? Germany, Austria, Poland, The Czech Republic; these countries offer a vast array of things to see and do, deep histories and exciting cultures, so get saving!

A Weekend At Alton Towers

For 5000 points you can go to Alton Towers, go on every single thing you can find, stay over in their resort... And then get up and go on every single ride AGAIN! Just to complicate matters this is an off peak reward. To go at a peak time you'll need 3500 points so get it all straight and organised with the guys at your home as you'll have to book waaaaay in advance. It's understandably popular! It closes in the Winter too.


The ground can be a boring place eh? So why not go up 10,000ft and spend the next few minutes flying through the sky?! Attached to an instructor you will freefall skydive from a plane and will be talking about it until you are old - guaranteed! 16yrs+