A Day Sea Fishing

Head for Brighton, board your vessel and bring home dinner - actually i'm not sure they'll all let you bring home the fish - best to check first! Take a look at this option from the Aqua Vitesse, sailing from Brighton Marina.


Indoor Skydiving

Seriously, who wants to jump out of a plane anyway?! Indoor skydiving is a crazy experience that lets you, yes you guessed it, skydive indoors! Lunch included. Details here...



Go-Karting Pro Style

Buckmore Park is a cut above the rest. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button both started out there and it is unsurpassed in the UK. If you feel the need for speed - and these really are fast - save just 750 points and put the pedal to the metal! Check with Buckmore Park first surrounding possible age restrictions.

Record a Song!

This experience will get all you budding Justin Bieber's or Ariana's into a pro recording studio and you won't leave until you have a professionally recorded CD that you can play again and again.. and again and again... and again... Best pick up some headphones eh?!


An Intro To Microlighting

A fantastic opportunity to experience the joy of microlighting as you take a flight through the skies and see the world below slide by! Check the details...