Greenside View

Where is Greenside View, and what’s the house like?

Greenside View is a three bedroom home with a  garden in a little town called Hailsham, which is just a five minute drive away from Eastbourne.

Eastbourne is a large seaside town in East Sussex, famous for getting more sun than any other place in mainland Britain, with on average, a whopping 1,750 hours a year worth of sunshine. Not only that; it’s one of the warmest towns in the UK too! There is loads to do in Eastbourne; there are sports centres, swimming pools, outdoor courts for tennis and basketball, roller blading, and of course, the beach and the countryside for outdoor activities too. Eastbourne is half an hour’s train journey from Brighton and an hour or so down the road from London, so there’s great venturing-out possibilities, too!


From everybody here at Greenside View, and at Anderida, we want to welcome you and help you make this your new home. 


At Greenside View we aim to help you achieve your goals, these may be:

· Getting back into education

· Developing into independence

· Moving back into your family home

· Settling into a community

· Finding employment

· Managing your behaviour

· Coping better with problems

· Staying out of trouble!

· Feeling happier within yourself


To do this we will develop a Support Plan with your goals. These goals will be discussed with you during meetings in order for you to feel that they are relevant to your needs. You will meet with your social worker on a regular basis to discuss how you are getting on and to plan for the future.

We also work closely with leaving care teams in order that all moves into independence are planned and successful.

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