It's simple really; be good, save your points and spend 'em on activites, while saving a nest egg! Half of the points you save will be converted into cash and put into your savings account; the other half you can blow on all before you!

Here, we've provided you with a nice big range of things to do - some won't even cost you a single point, so start navigating your way around and see some of the exciting things that you could be doing with a little bit of point saving!

  1. Earn A-Points through working hard and positive behaviour.

  2. Take a look through the A-Points rewards and decide on something you’re going to work towards and spend your A-Points on.

  3. Save your A-Points.

  4. Request the reward using the form on the site (whether it’s on the website or not, you’ll need approval. We’ll give you a decision within 7 days of you submitting it).

  5. Enjoy your reward!

10000 points.jpg

You may have a real passion that your activity allowance simply won't fund. We're not talking sky diving here, but you may have a love of horse riding or a certain water sport. If there's something that you've done all your life, or indeed, something that you would love to partake in on a regular basis, speak with your home's manager about the possibility of using your A-Points to subsidise your hobby!

Earning nearly full points every day for a week is awesome! And we think it should be rewarded. If you get two points shy or better of your maximum possible A-Points every day, for a week, you've unlocked your AWESOME bonus! Cash it in for one of these perks below:

  • Saving up? Cash in your AWESOME for 100 A-Points!

  • A takeaway or small meal out! Yummers!

  • Calls to make? Cash in your AWESOME for A £5 phone card.

  • An activity out, costing no more than £10.

  • Got any other ideas? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.

Sometimes you might have your heart set on saving for something material that you won't find in the A-Points rewards. Providing that the thing that you want to save for isn't outageous, talk to your home's manager about what it is that you would like to aim for and think about why you want the item. If your case is a strong one, there may be a possibility that we can convert your A-Points into purchasing power! Please note that we will always ask that you wait one week after asking before we would confirm it is okay to spend your points on the item. This is to ensure you are absolutely sure that you really want that pedal-powered pencil sharperner that you are craving, and it's not just points burning a hole in your pocket!