An Exhibition of Your Choice

There are huge exhibitions and fairs going on all the time at some of the world's biggest exhibition centres - The Gadget Show Live, Clothes Show Live, The Boat Show, The Motor Show to name just a few. They all display the cutting edge and the future in their fields and can make for a fascinating day out! Unless of course you went to The Back Pain Show - yes that really exists!

A Scuba Diving Taster

If you've ever wondered what it's like to go scuba diving, this is where every diver starts. Get to try out all the equipment in a swimming pool and who knows, it could be the beginning of an underwater adventure for you in the future.


Dining Out

Put on your best gear and choose from some of the area's nicest restaurants for a three course meal - yummers!


Pouring Water

Your Hair, Styled.

A cut above (get it?!) your usual trim; how about getting a bit of luxury treatment and going for something a little different? The Ministry of Hair will give you a style to die for. Ask a mentor to check the style you're after falls into the 300 point category, then book!


Hair Cut

Go Ape

Get in touch with your inner Tarzan, swing through the treetops and Go Ape! Go Ape is a treetop adventure playground for those with a good head for heights!



How about war but without the death and suffering?! Ideal! Arm yourself with lunch and more importantly 300 paintballs and go and paint the forest red with Go Ballistic. Cash in 70 points for an additional 100 paintballs for added carnage!


A Championship Match

There are some big clubs residing in The Championship, so why not spend 300 points on a trip to one of the South East's big matches and lunch out!

London Aquarium

You've seen Finding Nemo right?! Awesome wasn't it?! Well this is better! Visit the famous London Aquarium on the Thames - no, that  doesn't mean it has trolleys and dead fish in its aquariums! It is home to some of the oceans most magnificent creatures from sea horses to sharks!

Butterfly Fish

Go Zorbing!

Get inside a giant bouncy ball and roll half way across Sussex! Yes, some people do this fun - and so could you - if you have a screw loose... We'll feed you too, as long as you promise to keep it down! 


Trail Biking At Friston Forest

If you fancy giving the calf muscles a workout and tearing through the forests of Alfriston, for 600 points you can hire a mountain bike and follow a course calved through the thick woodland for two hours and then grab a decent bite to eat afterwards.



The Seven Sisters Canoe Centre are mad enough to take you out for a two hour jaunt along East Sussex's waterways! And how about some nice lunch afterwards?

Madame Tussauds

Get snapped with the rich and famous - well, this could be the closest you'll get to that. Madame Tussauds is a museum of incredibly detailed waxwork models - so accurate that you'll struggle to tell them apart from their real life counterparts.


The London Eye

The London Eye is an enormous wheel at the heart of London that will provide you with a spectacular view over the capital of the country. Something every Brit should have a go at at least once!