Where is Woodlands, and why am I here?

Woodlands is a log cabin, situated in a beautiful forest environment in the highlands of Scotland. The home is just right for one young person and is a very calm and tranquil place, close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of town life.

You are here at this peaceful home because it is a safe and supportive place for you to have some time out from any chaos that may be happening, and reflect on you and what’s important in your life. This is time to focus on your future and receive support in finding any strategies you may need to help settle into your home.

You are here to work through a programme, which is full of many learning opportunities to support you in committing to developing yourself and have a clear understanding of what it means to keep yourself safe, whilst pushing yourself to try and learn new things. What is most important here is that you try. You are here to work towards and safe and happy you.

Our aim for you is to return home to your family, foster family, other care provisions, or to move to one of our own Ofsted registered homes in East Sussex.

This remote and rural respite home has the benefit of therapeutically supporting a you, who may be presenting risks or at risk and who is not currently being contained in the community. It is our aim to give you time to reflect and develop ways in which to keep yourself safe on your return to community living.

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From everybody here at Woodlands and at Anderida, we want to welcome you, and help you make this your new home. 


At Woodlands we aim to help you achieve your goals, these may be:

· Getting back into education

· Developing into independence

· Moving back to your family home

· Settling into a community

· Finding employment

· Managing your behaviour

· Coping better with problems

· Staying out of trouble!

· Feeling happier within yourself


To do this we will develop a support plan with your goals. These goals will be discussed with you during meetings in order for you to feel that they are relevant to your needs. You will meet with your social worker on a regular basis to discuss how you are getting on and to plan for the future.


We also work closely with leaving care teams in order that all moves into independence are planned and successful.

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