A Premier League Match

The best football in the world is played right here in England, so save up 1000 points and go to any game in the South East - providing of course the tickets are available, so get in early!


A BIG Theme Park

Thorpe Park, Chessington and Alton Towers are the three big boys when it comes to thrill seeking. The parks have more rides than you can squeeze into a day so get there early... But will you be brave enough for these?!


Beautify Yourself

Okay, so you're gorgeous already - we all know that - but how about a makeover? We'll have your make up done by a pro and you may well pick up some cool tips along the way!




Everyone has to do it at least once. Go and see the sights in London! Get your all day travel ticket and get yourself to the Capital City to do all those things that you've never got round to - Big Ben, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace and the Natural History museum all await! Plan your trip with a mentor.


A West End Show

An experience that will stay with you forever. The world's most famous theatre district has all manner of shows to choose from and you can go for 1000 points!



A Concert

A concert could be one of the most memorable nights of your life! Why not get saving for a gig of epic proportions? Ask a mentor to check that the concert of your choice falls into the 500 point category.


Rock On

Train For The Circus!

Dress up like a clown and act stupid for a day... No, i'm joking! Learn flying trapeze, diabolo, tightrope walking and static trapeze in a spectacular training space for a day. Maybe you'll be doing something like this video one day soon! Check it out...


Become An Archer

How about a three hour training session with a pro to become the next Robin Hood?! Book into one of the 1066 Archery Club's Beginners Courses and train up and then go for dinner afterwards!

Water Sports & Jet Skiing

Action Water Sports of Lydd can take you on a 30 minute jet ski course and have you cruising the English Channel in minutes and once you have worked up an appetite we'll take you for a nice lunch! Or for 1000 points you can enjoy a 15 minute water skiing or wake boarding session with lunch...