Disneyland, Paris

Ever wanted to experience the magic of Disneyland? How about a few nights in Disneyland Paris?! Do check with your home's manager before saving for this one, as prices can fluctuate so we'll need to double check the points needed to go.

Helicopter Flying Lesson

Your Instructor will brief you on the effects of controls and how a helicopter flies.Shortly after take off you will be allowed to take the controls and actually fly the aircraft yourself over the area of your chosen location which could be the Chiltern Hills, Northumberland Coast and Castles, or along the beautiful south coast. Then you will steer the helicopter back to the airfield to try some low-level flying and hovering. Details here...

Off-Road Motorbiking Holiday

Seriously, they actually let you do this! No really, they do... For 3000 points you can choose from 4 nights in the week or a 3 night long weekend (both off peak - it may cost you more points at peak times so discuss with your carers) in a cottage in Devon with two half days motorbiking.